Because each sign is 100% custom, please allow 12-14 weeks to create your art once I receive your pictures!

I ship priority so once your sign is complete, it only takes a few days to arrive to you :)

1. Choose the type of art you would like! Ex. handwriting, kid's art, ultrasound, newborn footprints, or line art.

2. Choose the size and frame color

3. Take a photo of your handwriting note with your phone and upload it while checking out, or send it to within 3 days of ordering!

4. Complete your purchase and wait by the mailbox for your art to arrive!!

Message me through the "chat with us" button with any questions, I'm happy to help!!

Send me a message in the "chat with us" box and I'll get back to you via email! Or, send an email to :)

care for your art

Use a can of compressed air (found at any home depot, walmart, amazon etc.) and use small bursts of air to de-dust!

Your art is 100% wood, so don't hang your art in a bathroom or anywhere it will see steam / water. This will protect the longetivity of the sign :)

lifetime guarantee

Take pictures of the damage and email them to me with an explanation of how it happened.

If the sign breaks by accident, I would LOVE to help you get it fixed. I can give you tips to fix it yourself at no charge, or you can mail the sign to me to fix for a fee. In extreme circumstances I can remake the sign at a lower rate. (see "in case of an accident how much is the charge to fix/remake?" quesion for details)

If the sign breaks and evidence reveals that the fault is on my end then I will happily fix or replace it free of charge, whichever option is necessary. I will be the one to decide if it should be fixed or replaced. ie. insufficient glue, nails, major paint imperfections (paint missing in spots, not fully covering the letters or backer) or shipping damage.

Small imperfections are to be expected! Each art piece is 100% handmade and I will not fix / replace a sign over small imperfections such as: a slight chip in the frame, texture of knots on the frame or backer, minor paint imperfections, etc. I personally inspect every sign before sending it to you and I care SO DEEPLY about getting it as pefect as my human hands can!!

It depends on the detail / size / damage to your sign, but if you are sending the sign to me to fix then the charge will include shipping both ways, plus my fee of $100 per hour. Most non-major fixes will take about 30 minutes. I will send you an invoice before you ship the sign to me, with a price estimate. After the sign is complete I will refund any extra if it took less time than expected, or send an additional invoice if it took more time than expected.

To replace a sign that is damaged beyond repair, the charge will include shipping and cost of materials.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us at any time!