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Newborn Footprints

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NOTE: We have reached our capacity for Christmas delivery so orders will arrive after the holidays!

Most hospitals will make an inked footprint of your baby when they are born, this true-to-size piece will help you remember their tiny feet that grow up way too fast! It can also serve as a piece to hang on the wall in memory of a little one who has passed away. If you are going through this, I hope you can feel a big hug from me through the computer screen. And I hope this helps bring you joy and comfort. 

To order, take a picture of the footprints and upload it below. Then, measure the feet from the top of the tallest to to the bottom of the heel, and type in the measurements in the box below.

I'm so grateful for the memories you trust me to make, friends!!

Frame measurements: (Preemie frames will be custom sized depending on the size of the footprints)

1 set - 8x10"

2 sets - 9x14"

3 sets - 9x18"

4 sets - 9x24"